What makes you Special as a Witch of Christ?


Christ Jesus, and being a Witch

Witch of Christ- Someone who possesses spiritual gifts and chooses to serve God the Father (Jesus Christ) with them in an untraditional manner. Including but not limited to spiritual gifts such as prophesying, telepathy, visions, being an anointed Judge, a light worker, astral traveler, past reader, psychic, gift of knowing, magic casting only done through God (something found many times in the Bible), and much much more. 

What special spiritual gifts have you been given that you have ignored because you think they are not interesting enough, or even a true magic (spiritual) ability (gift)?

You are connected to the ultimate well of magic, the ruler of all creation, God the Father.

The sky is the limit as you discover your own Spiritual Gifts. No two people are the same. Do NOT compare your own spiritual gift to others, as if you are less then because they posses one you don’t. Because we all posses one everyone else doesn’t.

Your spiritual gifts are constantly manifesting through your life. This is so you can learn about your gift and cultivate it to use correctly and in the service of God and the World.

If you checked a gift and seem not to posses it, God says “Do not feel down trodden. Try again when you are ready at a later date. Keep asking me if it is a calling of yours, and hear my voice.”

You do not need to look or dress a certain way to be a powerful Witch of Christ, all you need is faith and a pure heart for service.

In the Bible God told Samuel to find a king for his people, 1 Samuel 16 :7

But the Lord said to Samuel “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

So be a Witch of Christ in any outward way you want. It does not matter how you dress or how you bow your knees or burn your sage, if your heart is with Christ then you are with Christ. God the Father is by your side. Don’t bow your head when a brother or sister of Christ asks you about your worship. You walk with God and he knows your heart.

Even Gods own prophets and prophetesses in the Bible were mocked and shunned by “Gods own” because they were radical. YOU are RADICAL. Your worship is radical. Take that, possess that and become who God made you to be — A Witch of Christ.