Winter Solstice Ritual

Winter Solstice Ritual, right of passage for the new year.

Items you will need, (you may exchange items that represent the idea being conveyed in the ritual):

White candles (snow, purity, newness, winter)

Red candles (passion, the season, new love)

Blue candles (compassion, mercy, ice, strength)

A bowl of water

Flower petals that represent you as a person (this is always different for each witch or sorcerer, some even use wood chips)

Stones, statues, drawings that represent the winter ❄️


Next, place them in a pattern around the bowl of water that should be in the center and accessible to you. This pattern will represent a snow flake.

Use the salt to connect each item, giving it a snow flake appearance.

Incantation for the solstice-

“With this alter I do thee invoke the Most High God, his blessings and rebirth into the new year. Cleansing all that has been done over the past year.

Enchanted this water with strength, mercy, magick, and protection as I walk into the Light.”

Dip your main pointer finger into the water and place a drop on your forehead and all those present. This drop of water is a major blessing for the new year.

“May we walk in the Light, serving the Light, May all we touch bring abundance, wealth and health. As above so below so mote it be!”

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This ritual can be used to bring Health, Wealth, and Happiness into your new year