Witchcraft and Psychic Readings

Oracle of God, Witch Penelope

Who is Witch Penelope

Hello my magickal name given to me on the other side of the veil is Penelope. I am an eclectic grey witch who practices magick with God the Father only working through the will of heaven and walking with Jesus by my side, I offer spells, psychic readings, and tarot. I am educated and much older then I look, and I have been blessed with three children one of who shares my magical abilities. I have dedicated my life to the wellbeing of others, offering spells of magick to do that is something I love. Being a grey witch I offer different arts ranging from light to dark magick, all being a part of a whole.

I have always been a little different, being able to see and hear things others cant gave me a different prospective then other people, I firmly work within the Will of God, and only do that which will be uplifting to those who buy from me. Embracing who and what I am have added positivly to my life. I would love to share the magick with you if you but let me. 

How Does Psychic Readings Work?

Every psychic "sees" differently, no two psychic readings are the same. Sometimes spirit guides are super talkative, and sometimes they are silent  and all the psychic can get are images and one word answers. This is because the only people who can receive true information and insight are those with the spiritual gift To do so, and only work through God the Father alone, otherwise they hear any random information told them by any lying spirit around. 

Psychic Witch Penelope also channels your current path to the universe and pulls any important info from your life path, for warnings or happy tidings Given by God The Father/Jesus Christ alone. 

Because we are all human, our paths change with different decisions. If you dont like your reading and want to change the future then you can! 

Psychic readings take time and energy, and we only give the honest message, so if you do not like the message given Witch Penelope is happy to clarify, being ethical she will not lie to say what she thinks you want to hear, also she only gives information straight from God.

However, being human you can change your future, thats what the whole idea of having a pdychic reading is all about


Who are Psychics hearing?

Being able to see and hear the other side is a spiritual/magical gift

Just because you have the gift. Does not mean you are using it to the best of your ability! 

Spiritual gifts are gifted to us by God the Father.
If you are trying to use it without him in the equation then you just CANNOT hear the truth of what is going on around you. Most psychics you hear on TV or at home are either lying, or are hearing any information that is thrown their way and have no basis for filtering the information.

Only seeing, hearing and discerning through God the Father when using your gifts (through the Holy Spirit) can you ascertain the validity of the information you are receiving, otherwise you are repeating anything, which are lies, to everyone, giving them false information. Perpetrating misinformation to the masses. This is a huge problem in society in general. These lies are not little white lies, they are carefully structured to cause the most harm, psychologically and sometimes physical harm in certain situations when the emotional stress wears down the human body.

Be a responsible psychic, be a responsible witch, be a responsible person and vet the spirits.  Vetting through the Holy Ghost is the ONLY way. No witches circle, protection sigil or herb can cleans your space and protect you from hearing lies, if you’re trying to do it without God the Father. Otherwise you are spreading lies, that are designed to harm people even if you’re not trying to.

All that being said using your psychic abilities through God the Father, can be an amazing journey teaching you a lot of things about the spiritual plane the astral plane and our own physical plane. Use it wisely and in love. 

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