Evil Horned God, who is he?


A disturbing trend of Baal worshippers by practitioners of the art, who may not have much experience to understand exactly who is this "horned God". 

Who is Baal? Benevolent, malevolent? 

We first see the signs of Baal worship far before even the Bible mentions him as a God of Cannan. Even earlier then the ancient Aztecs. The Pungnacious Scandinavians even wore helments in honor of this horned God, not to be confused with the horn of Odin. 

He is considered the opposing force of the benevolent all known creator of light. 

This means very simply he deals in darkness, pure darkness. Even when offering things we would consider good he extracts a price that is not so good. 

You want to win the lottery? Ok, his price is insanity, or he destroys your family. And dont be mistaken, it was his PRICE to get what you asked for. His ultimate goal is destruction. A lot of his followers practiced such things as child sacrafice, gang rape in rituals (usually of an unwilling virgin, which a lot of times was a child), basically anything we would consider today as depraved. 

Baal goes by many names: Satan, Dagan (same character different hat to cause confusion), El (Same Character writting his own story), Amun, Devil, Khnum, Lamassu, Moloch, Naigamesha, Oceanus, Pashupati, Satyr, Satyress, Sphinx, Yama, and Yamantaka. 

Many cultures, many names, same dude. One who is trying to bring darkness and destroy. 

This is not somone you can play with, make offerings to and think there will be no repercussions. 

There is only One all knowing and benevolent God, he made many Gods and Goddesses as overseers for his lands and dimensions and people. 

Ask any of the Gods and Godesses you work with about the war going on in the astral and spirit plain and here on Earth, between the enroaching darkness and those who stand for the light. 

The ones who serve the darkness and the lower entity Baal, will all say there is no such thing. But 100% the ones who serve the light will confirm and tell you all about the war. 

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