When Dark Spirits Wont Leave No Matter What You Do

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Rules of engagment

People with gifts will always encounter darker spirits who know you can interact with them in one way or another (understand this is against the rules for them to do this). Even people with latent abilities will come in contact, even if they claim “I don’t believe in that stuff”.

When using the term “darker spirits” I’m not making a general claim on any dark magick wielding spirit or entity, I am talking about the ones who serve the darkness who want to destroy you or cause you harm for their own reasons.

First- if you have used a cleansing and they seem to not leave it’s important to differentiate the differences in banishing rituals. You cannot banish a dark serving spirit with a dark serving ritual. Period. All you do is make them stronger. They WILL however act like they are gone for a time so you will keep using the same ritual. You feed them. Only God can cleans your space. Trying to do things without him never works period. 

Second- if you are using the correct ritual and they seem to never leave there is one big reason for this, you have loop holes in your wards (you didn’t actually use God the father or Jesus) that they use to get right back in, and they like to cause fear that you are helpless in getting rid of them. This is NOT the case, you are not helpless, they know this, a huge weapon they use is to get you to stop trying!

Remember there are rules in the spirit plain, astral plain, and physical plain that all interact. Quantum entanglement. You change the equation with prayer. Learn all that you can about safety if you are practicing or planning on it.

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