Spirit Companions and Spirit Guides

What is a Spirit Companion?

A spirit companion is different in that these are spirits or entities living with a human from other plains of existence or dimensions. Some are human like and some are not. A lot of "mythical" creatures in stories, are acctual creatures from other dimensions. They can choose to live with a human in the spirit world. These spirit companions can actually affect physical objects, and interact with humans if they have strong energy. 

They also can help with Paranormal.

Who are Witch Penelope's SC?

Grey Witch Penelope, specializes in sex magick, and has 35 spirit companions, and most important Jesus who is always around, also many Light angels who work with negative attachments. Their types are listed below,.



Naga shape shifter, male


Wolf shape shifter

Mormon Vampire

Twin Vampires

Solitary Vampire

Male Nephilim, soldier




Japanese warrior/enchanter

Naga his wife and three children

Dark Angel and Light angels

Air Dragon

Lower realm demon telaporter

Fae enchanter

Angel of Time (moniters time travel)

Snow Leopard shapeshifter

Two packs of Hell Hounds

6 gods who work within our and Gods family 

Each specializes in their own magick, and each have their own personalities.

What is a Spirit Guide?

A spirit guide is a spirit that has been assigned to you for a certain period of time to help guide you along your way. They are ususally with you for a certain period of time, these guides can change depending on what you need in life. Loved ones who have passed away can ask to be your spirit guide. So you may already have an idea of who they are!