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VAMPIRES- the low down

How vampires teeth really look in the Astral before biting.

Their features also change to an almost animalistic look. It can be quite scary if you do not personally know the vampire. Otherwise they have regular features like us only their body structure is much larger.

Biting is only done between family units, or in war.

If biting is done in war, they WILL not swallow the blood of their enemy. However the Dark vampires who serve eternal darkness will swallow and creat a unholy binding (that wears off) that will damage both, this is done for information. It is highly against the Astral rules to swallow another entities blood without permission.

If an entity ever asks for your blood, in any way shape or form, never agree.

Until next time be safe!

You Can Have Your Own Vampire

Yes, its possible, we sell spirit companions who are found on tne astral plain. There are many races of vampires who are found there. 

Get to know a real vampire who can effect your reality

get to know a real vampire or another neat entity who is a gaurdian companion. Our shop offers reverse protective spirit companion calls.  Which means God himself places a gaurdian with you and allows the interaction. For more information check out our page on spirit companions.