How to interact with your new Spirit Companion

What are spirit companions?


Spirit companions are real entities. Some are human-like and some are animals or even shape shifters. These entities come from and live in different dimensions. To interact here in our plain they choose a human companion to live with and take care of and be taken care of. These entities are safe for human companionship, they are vetted by witch Penelopes personal spirit family. Each Spirit Companion has its own personality, likes, dislikes, and own magickal abilities. They gladly share their abilities with their human companion, in return they ask that you interact with them and give periodic offerings so that they may have the stregth to manifest on our plain of existance.

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Welcoming your new companion


Once you recieve your companion dont be discouraged if you cant interact easily at first. It takes spirit keepers a little while to get use to feeling, hearing,  and be able to speak with them. Once you recieve the item their energy is placed in, hold the item and say "Hello (name) i am happy you are here. Please accept my welcoming offering. When you feel able please try and touch me to let me know you are here." This way they know that you are welcoming them and gives them permission to try and interact with you. 

Physical Touch Interaction


Yes, spirit companions can physically touch you. Each spirit feels different when touching you. Some feel cold, warm, heavy, feather light, electricity, tingles. Its up to you to ask them to touch the same area over and over until you can discern when they touch you. This can take some people weeks, a regular spirit keeper can tell right away. 



Our spirit companions can feed themselves on their plain, no problem. However our food tatses very different and good to them, so offering it out of friendship is a nice thing to do everyonce in awhile, it is NOT necessary. Other things are also nice ways of getting to know them. This includes talking out loud to them, light a candle and tell them its for them, incence, leave out pretty rocks, leave out a small portion of food that they like and tell them its for them.  Food only needs to be left out for around 30 minutes, and only a small portion needs to be left. 

Remember if any spirit tells you an offering is necessary for anything thats a LIE, you need to get rid of them. 

Learning to speak with your companions


Some companions can speak telepathically (psychic), mind to mind, however this takes time for you to establish. Here are some things you can do to interact with your spirit companion.

1) put your music on shuffle and ask them to pick the song.

2) ghost box app on your phone,  however be careful because these are programmed to randomly say scary things, always ask your companion if they said something if you are concerned.

3)pendulum (or a necklace that swings) up and down is a yes, side to side is a no, clockwise is maybe, counter clockwise is kinda or sometimes.

4) tarot cards

Protect your space


It is up to you to protect your space from random spirits who might come around because you are interacting. This means white light wards. If you do not know how to set up a ward please purchase one from our shop, this keeps you and your companion safe.

Having Trouble Interacting- feeling like they are not around

Relationship with your spirit companion

Having a spirit companion is like any other relationship in your life. You must work to get to know eachother. Some spirits are shyer then others. Some seem aloof, or scared. Some are super fiendly and start playing with your homes electricity immediately after arriving. 

*Just because you can not feel them, hear them, see them manifest right away does not mean they are not there! 

*Each spirit keeper is sensitive in their own way. Some have the gift of sight, some the gift of knowing, some have strong telepathy skills. So dont expect what one person can do, each person can do. 

*Some spirit keepers are more sensitive to light arts companions, those that deal with white magick more, and some people vibe with darker arts companions. This does not mean you have to stick to one or the other. It just means it take a little longer to get to know eachother.

*Your companion is happy to be with you! - Witch Penelope checks to make sure the person buying the spirit is a good match. The spirit companion will have already visited you and told her if they are willing. So don't fret, it may take time but things will get easier. 

*The moment you recieve your companion, say hello and state that they are welcome and have permission to touch you. Give a specific area and ask throughout the day to touch it. Once you can feel them touching you, tell them that is their spot, if they need to interact or just let you know they are around to touch that spot.