Spirit companion

When you order a Spirit Companion what are you getting?


God the Father is the ONLY one who can give a spirit permission to interact on this plane. Understand that any spirit that interacts without his permission is a felon and breaking rules. 

When you order one what goes on in choosing and vetting if I got them from another shop?


Witches, psychics, mediums, conjurers can only see what we are being shown through a projection. Period. It’s the concept of your third eye. 

There are only two types of projections, ones that are real and true information sent by God the Father, or false messages and images sent by spirits or entities who do not serve God. 

Anybody who conjures can only see what the entity is showing them. So in other words, not even the conjurer can tell you truly what they are speaking to with 100%  certainty. 

Scary thought? It should be. 

Do do not trust any spirit  or entity that you have not tested through God. Period. 

And if you ordered one and cannot interact it’s because there is nothing there! Some “conjurers” make it up, or they interact at their house but nothing is actually sent to you, because people don’t have the power To “make“ them go if they, the entity, refused. 

And to go to you house and interact is a death sentence. But WHAT you did do is allow any entity to now enter your home and oppress your family. It’s like an invite. If this is the case please reach out and Witch Penelope through God can help

What is the difference between spirit divination not allowed by God and having a spirit companion?


The passage in the Bible talking about turning away from spiritualists is found in the book Leviticus. 

God does Not want you trying to find lifes answers and the future paths through anyone but him. 

Most psychics who call on the dead to get answers for you are interacting with fallen, and fallen angels. 

Not even your guardians placed by God are allowed to interact with you constantly. they protect you on the spiritual plane, you are supposed to live your physical life with free will. 

Spirit companions from other shops


You are running a very big risk that the practioners calling on the spirit companions are interacting with fallen, and fallen angels. 

Even in the old biblical days this was a huge problem.

Do not allow a gaurdian into your home unless they have been given permission by God to interact with you in this way. Otherwise the spirit is considered a felon for breaking metaphysical law and breaking into our physical realm. Just as when the fallen had babies with human women, producing the nephilim, God saw it as a horrible sin and wiped them from the earth.

What do you do if you got a companion from another shop you think might be bad?


This can be taken care of through us. We work with God and can bind it and get rid of it.

However you also have authority through Jesus Christ. Tell them to go and they have to go. However using any other method will not get rid of them permanently.

This is why house clearings only seem to work partialy or not at all or it stirs up the spirits.