Sexual spirit partners, information (medium experience)

Additional Information

Yes there is such a thing as astral and spiritual marriage and sexual experiences you can have with your physical body.

No it’s not just some cool dream.

When people experience this (some mediums, psychics and people who deal inspells of magic will experience this), there is a huge difference then just a regular sex dream.

1) Your physical body can feel the experience just like another human is right there with you.

2) Your body can hold onto physical aspects of the act, bruises, soreness.

3) You can be really tired just like you just spent the whole day in the sack.

Is sex with spirits safe?

Yes, however there are a few aspects of this that needs to be addressed so you can be safe. (Are you ready for spirit sex Ed?)

1) There are multiple types of spirits, entities, and dimensions. Who are they claiming to be? And how are you sure they are who they say they are? (We will get to this in a bit)

2) There are such things as STD in the spiritual plain. Your astral and spiritual body can get sick and your physical body will feel symptoms.

3) There is such thing as astral and spiritual pregnancy, and sometimes these spirits and entities try and trick you to gain this.

How can you tell they are who they say they are before you have sex with them?

You don’t, unless you are the worlds leading conjurer, there is no way for you to see through glamours they can overlay themselves with.

But I can give you a few tips to know when one is taking advantage of you.

1) Patience, they are like us! They have cultures and many are even longer lived then us. They won’t push the issue, or have sex with you while sleeping before asking first. They will seduce you and making you fall for them just the way a human would. Because HELLO having sex with you without consent is called rape. And that goes for the spiritual and astral plain also. There are rules there also.

2) This is going to upset many, because there are a lot of conjures who offer angels without being able to see through thick glamours. Angels will not have sex with humans! Fallen angels will!

There are different subsets of angels. Dark Angels, Arch Angels etc. Those all are the same essentially. They work through heaven. However the angels who choose to break away from heaven are called fallen angels. Those are the angels who have sex with humans. No matter what they call themselves they are a fallen angel.

3) Waking up feeling exhausted all the time, especially after sex. This is not GOOD. Sex expenditure of energy is massive. If they are unscrupulous they will suck you dry!! This leads to chronic exhaustion, body aches, anxiety, depression, physical illnesses, enxplained weight loss, chronic eating to get your energy back, sugar cravings, etc.

4) Refusal to stop if you ask them to. Or if you express being uncomfortable.

They should be like any lover and/or husband and wife. If you say your tired, uncomfortable, or just plain don’t want to, they should always stop! Period.

5) Personality changes in the spirit or entity. If they are as long lived as they claim their personalities should be pretty constant.

This means they will not be super sweet to you for a bit then all the sudden snippy, or make fun of your hair, makeup, what you wear.

Most of them actually see your soul/spirit and your energy and aura. This is what they are attracted to. Your physical body is just one aspect of this. So if they are super targeted about your body this is a huge indication there is something up.

6) If you haven’t made a warded circle and asked them questions yourself, they are more then likely lying to you.

Yes! Some just want sex and will share you with their buddies. Gang rape. And unless you know who your with and can trust them 100% then you shouldn’t be in this situation!

Steps to use if you have a spiritual marriage or sexual partner.

1) Warded circle, ask questions. Who are they really? The truth circle I have on my tumblr is the ONLY one that can make them answer you truthfully. And only if you do it exactly as I put on the posting. Please understand there a whole lot of loop holes that can be exploited in other white warded circles.

2) Do any of the previous warnings raise a red flag? Then tell them no! Until you can get things sorted.

3) Cleans your space over and over again and see if they are still there right afterwards. Positive beings will still be there even if they are choking on the smoke. And they WONT be angry about it.

4) I don’t care how long you have been married or partners. They will never give you problems for doing the previous things. They understand you CANT SEE them fully. So ask them if it’s ok if you do these things, and see what their response is.

What to do if you have deemed that your sexual partner is Not GOOD.

There is only one way to banish an entity that you have given permission to. They know this too. They will exploit the fact that you think you can just tell them No and they have to listen. Will even pretend to be gone for a bit too.

Most banishing rituals are a bunch of bull. Some of those are even written and helped by these very same entities taking advantage of witches. You think the more ingredients a ritual has, the harder to find ingredients will make a ritual stronger? No.

There is absolutely only one way to banish them now that you have accidentally given them permission and invited them in.

Through God himself. I’m sorry but this is true. This goes back to the different wells of Magick, where the energy your using is from. Energy comes from somewhere! You can use the ultimate well of Magick where energy originated from. Or you can use the smaller well, where these very same entities are using it from. If you are doing that, you are no more powerful then they are. So you don’t have the strength or power to actually banish them permanently.

If you are at a loss as how to banish a spirit or entity, please reach out after you have cast the truth circle and tried to banish them yourself. Advice is always given to those who are true seekers of knowledge.