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Does Magic Work?- 

Yes! But only if the spell caster is working with God the Father and actually is given this spiritual gift. This is NOT a gift anyone may pick up and do and get results.

How long does it take for a spell to manifest?- 

This is NEVER the same for each person. If you are getting a spell you are allowing God to change your whole life path and sometimes those people around you. This can take time and seem slow to you, but all spells are done in  a safe healthy manner that only God can do For ultimate happiness.

Does Black Magic work? Spell casting with other Gods and demons?
Absolutely not, in our plane the only magic (Magick)  that can manifest at all is if God the Father allows it. However, a person can be oppressed spiritually by a spirit or entity. If you are living within God the Fathers will and righteousness they cannot oppress you and you have nothing to worry about with those silly people casting things like that.
Those Spell Casters are NOT actually casting a spell. If you receive work from them, they and you are allowing random spirits/demons to oppress you spiritually. Only someone who is blessed with the Gift and directed by God the Father can do this type of work.

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