Love Spells explained

You CAN NOT change someones life path

When a love spell is placed on someone you are putting loving thoughts of yourself into their mind, opening up their heart to recieve the love you offer. However

we as human beings have a path in life we make with our personal decisions. We also have lessons that we are meant to learn, and if this means their path diverges from you for this reason, no amount of love spells will force them back until the lesson is learned. God himsels determines this, he alone knows where your both supposed to be at in your lives.

Love Spells will make them want and need you, however cannot force them as human beings to act on it

This is where a love spell can help you, even though it will not posses the person and force them to act on their feelings, it can make them want you so much that once their path lesson is learned they will have an urge to be with you

I have found other reasons that the person broke up with a customer

Sometimes a huge change in personality is a paranormal issue. I have had a client tell me that other loves spells did not work, she bought one from me, and before I could cast the spell her spirit guide showed up at my house! He told me that the man had a demon of pornography attached to him and that nothing anyone did would bind to him correctly.

I did not tell the client or charge her, I just bound the bad entity and got rid of it before I cast the love spell. I recieved an email within a week, she was so happy he called her so quick. 

Any website that guarantees results in a day or even a few days- are probably going to steal your money and not cast the spell. 


Additional Information

You can sabotage your love spell! If there are unlying issues such as being controling, abuse, past cheating, you MUST work on yourself to help the relationship. We do NOT judge, if you are having an issue with this please reach out to Witch Penelope and she can suggest what steps that can help this. 

If you have had love spells placed on others you are placing a binding of sorts onto them. This means you could be blocking them from happiness, and even blocking your own way to where you are supposed to go, Witch Penelope has been warned that blocking destiny can cause major repurcussions for her and those she does love spells for without doing a reading on first.  This is why this major change has been enacted on our site.

Love spells, real love spells, miss me spells, married spells

Love spells, real love spells, miss me spells, married spells