2018 Horoscopes


December 22 to January 19

It’s your year, Mer-Goat — for better or worse? Serious Saturn, planet of getting-‘er-done, moved into your sign on December 19, 2017. Saturn is Capricorn’s planetary ruler, which means you naturally vibe with its methodical-yet-deep modus operandi.  While everyone tries to make their life better, depressing themselves in the process, you’ll have your head down, chugging along toward your goals. Your gift is the ability to X-ray vision the meaningful essence within the crap. Others will need to hear what you see — and will likely want some pointers for identifying what matters. Your friends and professional network will notice how on-point you are and will open to your advice, which is great for everyone since you give great advice (and love it when others finally listen to you). The danger here is letting your serious side run the show, leaving your super sensitive side in the dust. The human stuff — feelings, vulnerability, creativity, bonding — can make you feel awkward and embarrassed. It’s easy to tell yourself there’s no point in “wallowing” in sadness, or that a midday cuddle session is irresponsible. In reality, though, you’ll find your big, serious Capricorn heart at the center of everything you’ve achieved that actually matters.


January 20 to February 18

Aquarius, you embody paradox: rebel/conformist, serious brainiac/playful perma-teenager, consistency-lover/radical-change queen. This inner tension leads to your life periodically taking an unpredictable 90-degree turn. For others, such dramatic changes would be a sign of a total personality makeover and  stress and confuse them; for you, it’s more like changing an outfit. Is it fair to say clothing decisions stress you out, but once a decision becomes action, you’re generally happy just to be doing something new. Starting May of this year, a major veer to the left is coming. If a move has been brewing, quit fretting and just do it. If a move hasn’t been brewing, it might well happen anyway. Insights and opportunities come fast and furious over the next several years. Expect excitement and stress, making that perfect rut you’ve been pacing intolerable. The longer you spend debating and researching choices, the more of a toll stress will take on your nervous system. Your best bet is to leap feet-first into a new, fun experience. So long as you clue friends, family, and colleagues in about where you’ve gone, you’ll leave your bridges intact behind you in case you want to return. Your personality will have you keep going forward, but all over the place.


February 19 to March 2

Everything thatnyou have made returns within. Feelings, art projects, the human body, the line of music that passed through your dreams, all stand firm and then dissipate. A lot of people act like what they see, own, and are is permanent. You, Pisces, sense that bigger picture of dissolution and return, a wholeness that transcends the human life. Since 2012 (and until 2025), Neptune, your ruling planet, has been moving through your sign, making all that we see murky as if in water. While some  of us flail and kick, you exercise your gift of floating, listening and being okay with not knowing. You are affected, of course — you’re a human emotion-sponge, and every year has been tougher on the world than the one before — but you glimpse a light that others can’t, you may have laten psychic abilities. From October 2017 through November 2018, the universe is calling on you to share that light with others through speaking, teaching, and publishing (Facebook status updates count). When your own hope flags, travel and study provide the retreat to help you tune back into that flow of inner knowing.


March 21 to April 19

Over the last 5 or so years, you Rams have transformed your life radically. You’re limbered up and ready for anything 2018 can throw at you. To some extent, the life transformation is still underway, especially in areas where you’ve been keeping too busy to listen to your emotions. In May, you’ll see things begin to settle (a bit), as your sense of who you are and what you want firms up, integrating your new discoveries with the most alive parts of your past selves. In fact even your love life will be transformed throughout the year as you learn to express yourself more romanticlly, and there is even a boost of creativity coming your way!


April 20 to May 20

Houseplants prefer consistency: regular water, the right amount of sun, as little jostling as possible. A rough repotting leads to withered, curled, sad leaves and even death. You, pretty Bull, are a lot more resilient than a houseplant, but you grow like one — gently, imperceptibly stretching deeper into the soil of friends, family, and familiar places, toward the life-affirming sun of creativity and sensual pleasure. A plant’s soil needs the right mix of nutrients and to be loose enough to put out new rootlets. When it’s been growing in the same soil for too long, though, a plant becomes root bound. Leaves yellow and wither, and eventually the plant dies. With Uranus, planet of radical change, entering your sign in May 2018, you are likely already beginning to feel the vague unrest of a root-bound human. (Taureans with April birthdays will be feeling most unsettled.) Aspects of your life you’ve taken for granted, or clung to so tightly you compacted their metaphorical soil, may begin dropping leaves. Or they might just leave. One area of your life that especially needs shaking up is your image. How you clothe yourself says a lot about how you want to be seen, and that needs changing right now. Consider a wardrobe overhaul, or a coming-out party for the side of yourself that’s been in hiding. Change can be a pleasure if you pick out your new pot yourself and go at a comfortable pace. It’s okay to move slowly, so long as you are giving yourself plenty of opportunities for new growth, this is most important for all aspects of your relationships. 


May 21 to June 20

With the emo sectors of your chart activated this year, plan to bust that airhead Gemini stereotype wide open, Double-Fine. Your natural curiosity will either gravitate toward a deep and clear psychological understanding or try to shut it down. (Hell, you’re a Gemini! Why not do both?) The most important lesson this year is that fear can be mastered, if not controlled. Your flexibility comes in handy here, allowing you the necessary distance to evaluate your fears from all possible perspectives. Once you know what they are, you can walk into them wisely. Facing fears is not easy, but not boting either.

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June 21 to July 22

The major change cycle you’ve been in since 2011 begins to settle down (finally) in May. Those upheavals have hopefully helped you discover greater personal authenticity, even when it’s meant stepping away from your cozy habits. 2018 is about digging deep, Cancer. You’re gifted at using your emotions as a means of focus; this year that skill will be at the forefront, helping you close in on what’s most important, but please dont use your gifts on the one you love most. The mood is a serious one, and you may feel more tired than usual. This is a temporary pain, but the slow vibe is going to make it easier to draw lines and say “no” to what’s dragging you down. The magical thing about “no” is how it makes room for “yes.” Some dead structure needs to get cleared out this year so that the tender shoots in your life can push to the surface and bloom


July 23 to August 22

In a perfect world, where you are Queen, you would love everyone and they would love you right back. Your best friends from high school would remain big-hearted and truthful, as boldly vocal about right and wrong as they were at 16, however they would acctually be right. You would never be caught between the certainty you feel about your best people and your strongly held beliefs. Over the past several years, you’ve run up against this dilemma more than once. Likely, you’ve come away changed, readier to speak your own full-throated truth, for all human beings, even at risk of losing a relationship. 2018 is here to say, “Congrats!” You have graduated from the school of radical truth-telling and are ready to put those changes into practice in your life. Give yourself the oppertunity. Sometimes making way for the new means letting go of the old. When you’re torn, ask yourself: “Am I still having fun?” Hang on to what brings you joy. 


August 23 to September 22

Modest, yet hard working. Precise, yet adaptable. Brainy, yet realistic. Prankster-y, yet ethical. Your virtues are understated because that’s how you like it. You prefer attention to go to the projects and people you’ve put so much energy into improving. It gets a little old being taken for granted, though, doesn’t it? Happy day, Virgo! For the next several years, a little extra effort will get cast in a starring role. It’s a serious, focused year for the human race, which makes it the right opportunity for you to shine. You won’t have to pretend to be a diva to do it, either (though if that’s how you roll, you can get away with it this year). For ages, you’ve been quietly acquiring skills while worrying if you were good enough to offer them to others. Perfectionism, that dog, has been following you around, barking its head off. Well, it seems like you finally taught it sit-stay. Your skills are so very needed now. Take advantage of this temporary reprieve from self-doubt and ego by stepping in to fix, figure out, and heal what lies before you.


September 23 to October 22

“Decisions, decisions, why even make decisions when you just end up with some lackluster consolation prize?” Thus spoke the devil on your left shoulder (or should I say, left scale?). The angel, meanwhile, says you really better make a decision if you want to get anything done in 2018. Or is the angel on your left scale and the devil on your right? Are they even so different? Well, Libra, for the next couple of years, there is a right action and wrong one. You won’t figure out which is which through analysis or a careful weighing of options. Instead, you’ll know a wrong action if it leads you smack into a brick wall. A right action might lead to a tall staircase (ugh, I know: stairs!), but it’ll be obviously climbable. Be the smartie you are: Take the staircase. Money and physical pleasure is where it is at this year for you, let it shine!


October 23 to November 21

In a nutshell…
Human beings are super sketchy. From our juvenile jealousies to our spite to our self-serving manipulations to our power trips, we are not to be trusted. This is true for all signs, and yet you alone, Scorpio, are symbolized by a poisonous, hard-shelled insect! Unfair, yes, like most things in life. The difference between you and other signs, Scorpio, is that you know your own sketchiness. You’ve befriended it; you’ve been to war with it; you’ve had a number of interesting experiences together. At least within yourself, you bravely face who you really are. That’s what makes you so resilient. It’s also the source of your psychological acumen and profound empathy. As Jupiter continues moving through your sign, much depends on how you’ve handled that shadow side. Jupiter, planet of luck and inspiration, entered Scorpio in October 2017 and will remain there through November 2018. During that period, it will pass over your Sun, bringing gifts of confidence, expanding your personal power and outing secrets. (See: the Weinstein effect, which began almost to the day Jupiter entered Scorpio.) Jupiter’s luck rewards truthful intentions and tends to bring comeuppance for sneaky ones. You contain both impulses at maximum dosage, so the question is: Have you used your darkness to bear down on an inner truth or to get your way at all costs? If you’ve done the former, you are probably already standing up as a teacher and truth-teller, helping inspire others to transform. If you’ve favored the latter, you can now use your power to heal broken bonds. An honest apology goes a long way this year, yes i know, sucks. 


November 22 to December 21

In a nutshell…
Feel that wind billowing through your mane, Wild One? That’s the hard-earned freedom that comes with fusty Saturn, planet of no fun, finally skedaddling from your sign. Since 2015, you’ve been taking the final exam of a 28-year class and (thanks to astrological grade inflation) no matter what score you got, you passed. Embrace this period of new beginnings by spending plenty of time doing your signature recreations: learning about philosophy, studying law and religion, traveling, teaching, public speaking, publishing, poorly planned adventuring, and climbing to vista points to take in the big-picture view. Expect a few speed bumps in these areas during January and February as well as July and August. Problematic situations will inspire you to reconsider some of your most strongly held beliefs and make changes. Fortunately, you’re usually willing to expand your perspective to embrace new understandings, so those weird soul calling... well embrace them. Until next November, solo retreats, especially those with a stack of books, help you let go of the need to be right in favor of alignment with truth. These rest periods revive your faith in human beings, bringing out your best self. Mercury celebrates your 2018 birthday by going retrograde in your sign (again!), so keep your b-day plans loosey-goosey and do what you’re best at: turning accidents into fun, because when this planet goes into retrograde its gonna be crazy. 

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