Ghost Children- Hauntings

Who and what they are

We have all heard the stories of the little children in places who are lost looking for their parents.

Some of us even have been visited or haunted by a ghost child looking for help or a friend.

When my psychic gifts started opening even more as an adult I experienced this also. A little “ghost boy” who would play with my children’s toys, run up the stairs with me, whisper very loudly “Mama?” Behind me as I did my hair alone at my house.

The more I got into spiritual work and spoke more with the other dimensions, astral and spiritual, the more I learned of how the metaphysical laws worked and what happened to souls as we pass away.

A huge concern for me was the fact that it seemed as if kids souls would just get lost and stuck in horrible places. I started asking some serious questions and even would use specific instances to point out and get answers about from the angels, entities and Jesus.

Here is what we think we hear-

A small child lost

A black eyed child (alien maybe?)

A debilitated orphanage, hospital, psych ward filled with tortured spirits some of those children.

Here is what really happens when a child passes away-

When a child passes away their soul is immediately taken by God to Heaven. Period. This child may be reborn here on earth or another dimension, or they may stay in heaven for eternity. That is something that is different for each soul and only up to God. Sometimes that soul will become a gaurdian (these are entities who work with our gaurdian angels to watch over us during our lifetime).

Who then is haunting these places that act like children?

There are a couple different answers to this.

First Fallen Angels have taken on glamour forms of children to get invited into places, black eyed children being just one example.

Second some places that are haunted by children are filled with either fallen angels or demons that work with fallen angels and Lucifer. Those ARE NOT children, merely glamours.

Third some demons actually look like children to us, this is their form. But the ones who haunt our physical dimension are breaking rules, therefore you know they had to be placed in their strategic areas by someone who had the ability to break that metaphysical rule and who wanted to break it, a fallen angel or Lucifer. (You will never encounter someone else’s Spirit Companion who passed away, They are fallen angels and demons pretendin)

Fourth and very important, children ghosts will not haunt or visit their human families causing distress. Period. God would never allow a passed away loved one to visit you, photo bomb you causing you heartache and distress. This is absolutely a fallen angel or demon. They can be very nasty and play head games.

This isnt to say God won’t allow one of your ancestors to visit you in a time of heavy trouble, giving you hope and comfort. But these are far in between and rare that you will actually have an interaction with them. They need permission from God to interact physically with you. However they will hang around watching and helping silently as guardians.

So if you are being haunted or stalked by a Child Ghost-

Very simply cleans your space using either candles, salt water, incense or just your will alone, stating they are not welcome and leave in Jesus name.

If they seem to not have left-

They CAN project sounds from outside your home to frighten you that they never left. This is because they are fighting to get back in that nice cozy home of yours. Just continue to cleans and ignore them and they will flee somewhere that is easier to stay in. This can only be done through Jesus Christ and your faith in him. Nothing else will work. Period.

For those ghost hunters out there-

Places that are filled with these Spirits, are their grounds. They were given dominion over areas on our physical plain by Lucifer. So you can’t simply walk in and start yelling “Get out” and it will work. Those places are dangerous and should be avoided. That is not YOUR home or building.

These places are a hot-bed of enemy territory. You place yourself in physical danger walking in, and spiritual danger because they will attach and follow you home. Be very careful.

(Hauntings, ghost children, haunted house or building, demonologist

These are not ghost children, ghosts, spirits, haunted house, haunting

These are not ghost children, ghosts, spirits, haunted house, haunting