Buying a Energy Companion made by someone

Energy Companions, made by someone’s will

What you are really getting when you buy one.

An energy companion is a energetic ball of energy that someone wills, where they attempt to place a personality inside and form into a shape of a entity.

This is a common thing seen by witches and conjures, they sell them also to unsuspecting buyers.

What are you REALLY getting when you buy one of these companions? - a ball of energy from the conjurer, with a false lying spirit attached that comes from Hell.

It is impossible for us to create a being from our will. Souls and personalities only come from God the creator himself. However Satan likes to place his own inside people’s homes. One way he does this is for you to invite them in under false pretenses.

Jesus himself asked me to write this post because of the serious problems this is causing in people’s lives.

You order a energy companion and think it looks one way but what you really invited inside your home is this this type of entity shown in the picture to the right.

Unfortunately I have had the experience myself when I first became interested in spiritual work. It’s quite frightening when you can see what you accidentally invited in. I also help people get rid of them after a bit of time the “energy companion” because abusive.

People who offer them are not evil. And they may really “see” what they are offering. The problem is these types of entities that are lying can use glamours and project what they want you to see so they have an avenue into your life with the ability to fully, and physically touch and interact with you. And not JUST YOU, your whole family and pets. You are placing them in danger also.

Sometimes houses are haunted because of these types of things, and the entity just stays there waiting for the next family. The only way to send them back is through God himself, otherwise it is just a continuous battle trying to do everything through your own will. God wants you to stand up for yourself but he is standing right there to help and make things happen.

(Psychic, clairvoyant, this includes haunted voodoo dolls)

Image found at OccultMuseum demons in house

Image found at OccultMuseum demons in house