Astral Travel, is it real, who can do it?

Vampires, entities, demons, who lives in this spoken of dimension?

The astral plane is the lower dimension that people with psychic-spiritual gifts, given by God, can see and hear. 

Another term for the astral is HELL

Hell is not the same thing as the Abyss.

Every entity that resides in the astral is termed a demon. This means they do not live in our plane. 

Any and all entities who interact in our dimension without Gods permission is breaking a metaphysical law. They ALL work with and for Satan. No matter what they tell you.


Can you Astral Travel?

In short, Yes. You are projecting your mind to see beyond your physical plane.

Is this safe? 

Yes, you are physcially safe.

However if delving into a spiritual gift like this without God/Jesus you are spiritually opening yourself to attacks and attachments. 

What does this mean? 

All spiritual/psychic gifts are to be used under the protection and only with God the Father. 


Because no matter how hard you try by yourself you CANNOT see the truth without looking through the Holy Spirit, you open youself to any and all lies projected at you. Chances are you are not even astral travling, the demons breaking the rules are having fun projecting visions and scenarios at you, you are to never believe any information wothout testing the spirit and information, which can only be done through The Holy Ghost, no other way.


How do you Astral Travel safely?

Not everyone can Astral Travel, or see beyond the veil

Psychic Gifts are given by God the Father, if this is a gift given to you then there are certain steps you must maintain to safely and truly astral travel and use your psychic gifts.

1- Understand you are to only work with God the father/ Jesus Christ. 

There are no other entities or gods that can manifest anything here on earth, they all lie. Do not fall into that trap. This includes angels, or spirit guides, or ghosts of past loved ones. All LIES. 

2-If you recieve any messages and visions and experiences, you are to ask God directly was it real?  What does it mean?

3-You are to protect yourself and your household by praying and asking God for truth and protection, ALL THE TIME. Maintain a good relationship with the Lord, you, with the gift, can HEAR him. Speak to him daily and learn to decern his voice. His is like no others. 

4-Be smart, know the Bible, an older version. They, demons, will quote the Bible at you trying to twist things around. Just read the verses in context, this will shut them up everytime. You are untouchable if you stay within Gods righteous protection. 

Old bible

Old bible

Being visited by entities, ghosts, aliens

Can this happen?

There are two answers to this-

If you work ONLY with God the Father/Jesus Christ, yes, he will allow you to interact and learn new things about whats going on beyond the veil. But this all has to be done with insight and protection, used and captured through the Holy Ghost.

If you work with entities, ghosts, angel guides, saints, spirit guides, false gods and goddeses, Lucifer, demons, fake white light from the universe- Absolutely Not. 

You will not have a single real vision and interaction. There are no if, ands, or butts about it. 


You and I are in a REAL war for the hearts and souls of mankind. This is not conjecture. There is only one side or the other. If you choose to go without God while using your gifts then you are opening yourself to all of that, whether you believe it to be true or not.

You have an amazing gift, and if used properly you will be able to do crazy amazing things. Do not fall into the trap by watching and learning from people who have no idea about the entities they "hear" and "see" from. Be someone who has the inside information. TRUTH.