Are other Gods and Goddesses REAL?

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Stories and interaction with many Gods around the world

Who and What are they? Do they exist? How do they fit into Christian views on creation? And are the stories all true from ancient texts? Gods and Goddesses, get answers now. 

Fallen angels


Gods and Goddess were made just like any other entity, humans, astral demons, angels. And just like Angels they were made with different energy to reside on a different plane or dimension.  The word god and goddess is a human word that tries to explain that they are different then us in many different ways but they do NOT create.

Why did God the Creator make them?

They were made to be overseers or governers in different territories, such as earth, or other worlds and dimesions. 

God the father

Not all Gods and Goddesses you hear about are real

Yes God the Father made them, but the fallen angels (watchers) can use glamours and pretend to be another entity to garner worship. Some gods and goddesses have become fallen also. This means they turned their back on God the Creator and chose to go their own way, asking for worship for themselves and sacrifices.  However they don’t interact on our plane at all because the moment they do without permission God takes them and throws them in the abyss.

You were NEVER made to worship them. You can’t even interact with them unless God sends them to do something, in fact the ones who still follow God the Father will not accept worship and have nothing to do with that type of thing. Such as- Hekate, Athena, Odin, Ares, Pan, Posiden and many more. You CANNOT call them, they WONT show up. 

Some have become dark and fallen away from the true light path. Those are the ones who want your worship and lie to you.

What about all the ancient stories of each god?

A lot of these stories are made up, and/or inspired by fallen angels or fallen gods and goddesses. If its a creation story then you know its a false story (Some cultures do call God the Father by their own name but its still GOD) if in the story they get married and have babies with humans, this is also a false story. Because of the nature of their energy they CANNOT reproduce with a human.

A lot of the gods and goddesses are married to others we have never heard about. Its not necessary for us to know for them to do their job with God on our behalf.

Who hears you, and who wants to work with you?

You are interested in the metaphysical and spiritual things and would like answers.

Whether you long to be a spiritual warrior, open your third eye, travel different dimensions, or have an all powerful being that speaks to you one on one giving advice and direction and real interest in who you are, there is only one answer. 

God the Father (Jesus Christ) is standing there waiting and interested in speaking to you. 

He not only listens but actually speaks back. It takes practice to hear his voice but it does get easier.

God will interact with you in ways that interest you. He has fun doing it too. 

example- put you song list on shuffle after asking Jesus to pick your songs. (This can be very very fun and enlightening)

Don’t Place God in a Box. 

He created all, even you, and he likes you the way you are and wants that relationship with you. Never doubt this. Take a leap of faith and try interacting with him. 

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New moon, psychic spells, magic spells, real magic