Divine messages from God

Welcome, what are angel numbers?

Angels are not winged beings standing there giving you messages. Angels are people, including other beings bringing you a message divinely sent by God the Father.
Repeating numbers are a message that God sends to certain people, who notice symbolic messages such as repeating 111’s.
The messages are from God himself. 

What do repeating numbers mean? Angel numbers

Repeating 1's - 111, 11, 1111


When you recognize repeating 1's, this is a strong message from your angels around you, this numer is all about Manifestation and Manifesting. 

Be very aware of your presisting thoughts, because they are telling you its on its way to happening! 

Once you notice this number pattern for what it is, the angels will progress the numbers to give you more messages.

Repeating 2's - 222, 22


The strong number two lends its influence to faith, encouragment, adaptability, diplomacy, sevice and duty, balance and harmony.

When the angels send this number they are encouraging you to take a balanced approach in all areas of your life. This also is telling you it will all workout for the best. It is a message of faith and trust from your angels.

Repeating 3's - 333, 33


Mind Body Spirt is the threefold nature of divinity. The number 3 is the universal sign of growth. It is now all becoming what you made it. 

This number tells you to be creative, social, and communicative. Empower yourself and others with your natural gifts. Your angels are saying that your gifts are to be used as lightworks for others.

Repeating 4's - 444, 44


This number resonates with the archangels, its about responsibilities, productivity, building solid foundations, inner-wisdom, determination, hard work and progress. This also is an indication of all four elements water, earth, air and fire. 

Their message is that they are with you encouraging you to finish to the end. They are offering you inner stregth. You have nothing to fear. 

Repeating 5's - 555, 55


These repating 5's symbolizes life choices, personal freedom, cleverness, adaptability, opportunities, adventure, curiosity, challanges, idealism, action.

This is a message from the angels telling you that the major changes in your life haplening now or very soon are divinely inspired. These changes will bring about long awaited results.

Keep your mind open to what is happening, keep it positve.

Repeating 6's - 66


Because this number is an accumulation of two 333's it encompasses many attributes. Honesty, justice, integrity, charity, grace, truth, selfishness, simplicity, family, home, caring, peace, order, economy, society, stability, protection, deep love. 

This is your angels telling you to share your concerns, about material security. Be open to recieving help. You need fo be open in order to recieve.

Angel Numbers

Repeating number 7's - 77, 707, 716 etc.


This is a highly spiritual number it resonates with the "universal consiousness" , meaning spiritual enlightenment, inner-wisdom, intuition, development. 

Your angels are saying it is time to be spiritually evolved. Logic, understanding all rolled into one.

Repeating number 8's - 88, 808, etc


This is the universal spiritual law of cause and effect number. Self relience, dependibility, serving humanity, karma, truth.

The angels are telling you that you are fully supported by the angels and the universe, but its your responsibility to put in the appropriate work and effort. The universe is wanting to reward you, reach out and take it. 

Rèpeating number 9's - 99, 909, 918 etc


This number resonates with univsrsal spiritual laws. Higher perspective, influence, benevolence, stregth of character, philanthropy, lightworking. This number also denotes endings and conclusions. 

The angels are telling you that certain aspects of your life are coming to a close. Listen to their inner guidance. Fear this not, because when one door closes another one opens. 


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