About Us and Magic Spells

What is a solitary witch?

A solitary witch is a witch who chooses not to be a member of a coven. Witch Penelope, works with other solitary witches to cast spells, or spirit companions who have choosen to live with her.

She also works with multiple Deities and Light and Dark angels, also with an ancient dijinn who grants ultimate wishes. 

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Is magic real?

This is like asking if God is real. Is God quantifiable? Well neither is magick (a preferred way to spell magic).

Magick manifests in your life with will, will of the practitioner and will of you the castee. 

Personally I very much believe in magick. And find when communicating with spirits there is quantifiable evidence that there is something going on not completely explained in the world of the physical. However that is what science is all about! Find something not explained and with science try and explain it. There is a lot of things people didnt believe in until someone took time to experiment and explain it. So have faith in magick spells.


Science of magic

Done with utmost respect

You can always trust that any magick done by Witch Penelope will be done with respect, whether its the casting of a spell or a psychic reading. We do not judge, and will work to help you in anyway we can.