About Us and Magic Spells

What is a solitary witch?

A solitary witch is a witch who chooses not to be a member of a coven. Witch Penelope is a solitary witch but a Witch if Christ, a part of Gods holy church family. A Christian. 

Most importantly she works through God and with Jesus in every one of her spells and psychic readings. Period. 

Is magic real?

This is like asking if God is real. Is God quantifiable? Well neither is magick (a preferred way to spell magic).

Magick manifests in your life with will, will of the practitioner and will of you the castee. 

Personally I very much believe in magick. And find when communicating with spirits there is quantifiable evidence that there is something going on not completely explained in the world of the physical. However that is what science is all about! Find something not explained and with science try and explain it. There is a lot of things people didnt believe in until someone took time to experiment and explain it. So have faith in magick spells.


Done with utmost respect

You can always trust that any magick done by Witch Penelope will be done with respect, whether its the casting of a spell or a psychic reading. We do not judge, and will work to help you in anyway we can.

All psychic reading are done with Jesus who keeps your personal information personal. Only the things you ask about and special messages from God will be looked at and given. 

Working with God as a "Witch"

Can you be a Christian, following Jesus Christ and call yourself a Witch?

The term Witch was used in the Bible to seperate God the Fathers prophets and prophetesses from those who practiced divination with other "dead spirits and supposed gods and goddesses" 

So while the term WITCH holds negative  connotation, and this holds true especially in the Bible. God the Father (our Lord Jesus Christ) is taking this term away from the unholy, satan himself. 

Satan, Lucifer, false Gods and Goddesses, the supposed undead who speak, hold no power at all to cast a spell, read your future, or change anything in Gods creation. 

Witch now means anyone who practices their holy spirtual gifts, given to us by God the Father. Some of us are blessed with the sight, we use it in service to our Lord Jesus Christ, and to bless others around us.

There are some who have been given spiritual gifts, like the sight, who use it to worship false beings and communicate with fallen. They call themselves witches also. They hold no power to manifest actual magic. While they speak with lying spirits, they find out over time that the things they are told are just that, lies. 

This is why, as a Christian you are NOT to use your gifts without Jesus. Use within the Holy Spirit. 

Only Witches of God, hold true power and peace.