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Experienced and Reliable

Hello I am the witch Penelope, here to serve and cast magick for you. With the help of my twenty-five spirit companions (its a village here) and other solitary witches I will cast all spells within days of purchase dependimg on amount of orders, you will recieve a email letting you know it has been cast.

The witches dedicated to this sight help with paranormal issues also. If you are looking for help please send us a contact form. Paranormal Advice is always free.

If ordering a Spirit Companion from this site, please understand they are vetted and safe, will not harm their humans. In return you agree to offer them offerings such as food, pretty rocks, play music for them. Once ordered we will shoot you an email about your spirit and their likes and dislikes. 

Explination of Massive Changes to Web Store

As many loyal customers have noticed there have been many changes to the type of spell work offered by me. A lot of spell work such as vampire, weightloss, beauty, bindings, and many others have been taken off my site. While I can preform this type of magick and did have good results I have had a massive change of heart about how to help others using magick. There are a billion reasons I can list but I will only list a few.

Helping people was my main goal for this site. I never charged as much because I realize not everyone can afford it. Over time I realized I helped a lot of people who wanted to change their lives but for the wrong reasons. This is by no means a judgment on others intentions, but I realized the type of spells I offered approached the issues in the wrong way. Those spells were to help, but I see now that it was just a masking of bigger issues and deeper hurts. People want to fix what they think is wrong with them, but in reality all it does when I help them change it is confirm their belief that it was something that needed to change.

So while it seems like im getting rid of a lot of things, I will be offering so much more. The types of spells Im going to offer will not just cange your life but they will offer hope. Same spells will be offered in a different way.

Such as, Wish granting items and spells will be spelled to grant you your deepest desires, the things that only your subconsious knows. These will be complete suprises for each individual customer. 

So it is my greatest wish and hope to continue as your spell caster to bring the true magick back into your life.

Love and Light


Dedicated to your Satisfaction

As your spell casters we are dedicated to your satisfaction. 

Please  read all descriptions of spells and items.

We respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. Do not be shy, ask whatever question is on your mind. If you dont know a term on our website please shoot us an email.  If ordering a Love spell please read our Love spells explained on our drop down menu. We can give you the tools to succeed but can't force you to use them, allow the magick to work and open yourself to absorb the spell work so that it may manifest quicker. Each type of spell manifests differently for different people, however having an open positive attitude goes a long way in positive manifestation.

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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line. Our prices are set to sell, we want everyone of any walk in life to be able to help their situation.

Spirit Companions sold in this shop are REAL spirits. Just like Witch Penelope lives with, these spirits interact with you and boost magick, dreams, astral travel, and wish granting and so much more.

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God Code

What is DNA activation?

Is it for everybody or the special few?

What is DNA Activation, also known as the God Code? How does it fit into our lives and path? Why do some say its only for the special few while others sell it at a steep price to any who can afford it? And exactly what does it do?

The DNA code is a special code God has placed into all of us that has been dormant because of sin. Its a simple answer and yet revolutionary in the fact that using the terms God and sin will upset so many. 

Think of life as a delicate balance of scales, if one side gets too heavy the whole scale falls off kilter. The term sin can mean something so simple as looking in the mirror and thinking something uncharitable about yourself.

When you activate DNA,  it ia called applied Epigenetics, "showing us that through conscious intention we can change our quality of life from what we have been handed down epigenetically from previous generations. The science confirms that it is our individual choices, based on our degree of consciousness, that play a role and change our cellular structure and level of DNA activation." (Applied Epigenetics:
The Art and Science of DNA Activation, Healing and Repair, STEVEN “MANA” TRINK).

So very simply DNA activation is becoming the best version of us that we were meant to be by activating the dormant DNA code already written within all living things not just the "Select few".

What can happen when you activate your DNA?

There us so much misinformation out there that convolute the issue. This is not something that will save your soul, or even necessary for your survival. This is a tool that helps you become more like God in that every molecule in your body already has infinite possibilities written therein.

Amazing things this will unlock with practice-

Mind Power, this includes but are not limited to telekinesis, psychic abilities, dream scape, etc.

Physical manifistation of Love, Luck, Wealth, Happiness, Healing. 

True Magickal abilities.

And much more.....

Activate your DNA

Marriage Help, Bindings Cut, Heart Healing for Just $55


This spell and psychic work is layered to help those in committed relationships get back to where they should be to live a healthy happy life together. 

First Witch Penelope looks at each of you psychically. This helps her see if there are any attachments around either of you (ghosts, demons, negative energy built up over time).

Second she calls on your gaurdian angel for both involved, she asks them what is going on in the spiritual realm that she needs to know so she can help. Please understand this is not an invitation to spy on the other person! She will only share what they tell her if they expressly say it is ok to share the others information. Also understand there is absolutely no judgment for anyone involved, she has seen some pretty rough stuff and she only approaches these circumstances through eyes of the creator. 

Third with your own angels help and others called she will bind or kill any negative entities around you causing disruption, she does not decide the fate of the spirit, she allows the angels to decide. She will then cut any binding on either person (these can be placed by others using magick, love spells that are not cast right, hateful people that just like to hurt others, or curses).

Fourth with healing white light of heaven she casts upon you and your loved one, healing, happiness, love, compassion, and courage to get past the things that have happened. 

This marriage help spell is specifically designed to help those under spiritual attack.

Sometimes in life anger, hurt, obsessivness, and compolsion can be an attack. And strong family is something darkness likes to destroy. 

Remember not all problems are because of paranormal issues. Sometimes people just SUCK. Sometimes people DON'T want to change. We all want to believe that problems can be taken away by a magick spell. Sometimes they can and sometines they can't. Witch Penelole discusses this with your angels. And they will tell her the message you are meant to recieve. 

Some problems are because of past magick use. We sell spells on here, yes, but basic information that should be understood by all is energy from spells come from Somewhere. If the practitioner does not know where their own energy they are weilding to cast a spell comes from this is dangerous. Each time you get spell work done from someone who misuses energy or worse channels it from a dark being they made a pack with, they are placing bindings on your person that later can cause major health problems, mental instability, anger, sadness, nightmares, brain fog, and even attracts demons. 

All spell work done on this site is only done within the creators will and only using magick that is within that will. All readings and spells are presided over by angels. While some sites say they work only with Light Beings, it is important to understand some entities LIE. You want to pick someone who vets, and makes sure what they are doing is the right thing. Always working within the will of God can seem tedious to some practitioners and they will do what they want. Some are very proud that they can bend someones will for you, love spells especially, but ask yourself, do you think that God who gave us free will would want us to bend and take someone elses free will?

By bending someones free will you place a dark binding on them to achieve what you want. And you may even get instant results. However every single time the binding WILL cause problems later. Witch Penelole spends half her time unbinding people from messses like this, she sees the hurt caused by unscrupulous practitioners. Any work she does for your marriage will be within the Light Side. 

If healing is needed this takes longer to manifest. Black magick, and demons can cause mental instability, this will heal after its been unbound and a healing spell cast but patience is needed. 

Please send in email after purchase of the information for both involved, and any concerns you might have before she starts the work. She will do a write up on what she finds and email it back to you, we try to always fill these orders within 24-48 hours. 

What speaks to your soul?

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. 

Is there a certain enchanted item you have been looking for? A certain spell work that you not even sure is possible but nowhere else offers it? 

Send us an email with a suggestion, Witch Penelope saves them for certain special spell casting days. Who knows, maybe your suggestion will be the next item listed! 

Suggestion submission

New Important Announcment!

Love Spell no longer offered for those not Married or Life Partners without a Oracle Reading first

Please be advised Witch Penelope will no longer offer love spells for couples who are not married or are life partners. She honors all life commitments, however due to the problems that arise when bending someones will, this is not just including Karma, but can also make you lose your chance at true happiness, she cannot in good conscience offer this service to any but married or life commited partners. Thank you for your understanding!

If you truly believe they are your intended please purchase an aja oracle reading to confim and Witch Penelope will be happy to do any love spell you wish. 

If in the past you recieved a love spell from us please send an email with your reciept, Witch Penelope will be happy to ask the Oracle if they are your intended and advise if the love spell is something that will block you from happiness. 

No more Love Spells without Oracle reading

Do not lose your chance at happiness! Do not ruin your Karma and future life, make sure the person you are with is right for you. 

Verified Seller

We accept major Credit cards, and Paypal

We are a trusted seller and you can rest assured what you order is what we will cast for you!

Who is the Witch Penelope

Hello my magickal name given to me on the other side of the veil is Penelope. I am an eclectic grey witch who practices magick with other solitary witches and different spirit companions. I am educated and much older then I look, and I have been blessed with three children one of who shares my magical abilities. I have dedicated my life to the wellbeing of others, offering spells of magick to do that is something I love. Being a grey witch I offer different arts ranging from light to dark magick, and magickal items.

I have always been a little different, being able to see and hear things others cant gave me a different prospective then other people, I firmly work within the Will of God, and only do that which will be uplifting to those who buy from me. Embracing who and what I am have added positivly to my life. I would love to share the magick with you if you but let me. 

How Does Psychic Readings Work?

The main reason why we ask for your name, date of birth and place of residence is because Witch Penelope uses this info to link to your personal energy and any spirits around you.

Every psychic "sees" differently, no two psychic readings are the same. Sometimes spirit guides are super talkative, and sometimes they are silent  and all the psychic can get are images and one word answers.

Psychic Witch Penelope also channels your current path to the universe and pulls any important info from your life path, for warnings or happy tidings.

Because we are all human, our paths change with different decisions. If you dont like your reading and want to change the future then you can! 

Psychic readings take time and energy, and we only give the honest message, so if you do not like the message given Witch Penelope is happy to clarify, being ethical she will not lie to say what she thinks you want to hear.  However, being human you can change your future, thats what the whole idea of having a pdychic reading is all about.

Q & A's

How long does it take for spells to work?

Spells do take time to manifest according  to what is being cast and how receptive the person being cast on is. If the spell is for you and you are receptive then the spell starts acting right away. It is pretty safe to say most spells manifest fully in 4-5 weeks, sometimes sooner.


DNA Activation starts right away and takes a few months to finish. 

But Witch Penelope, Im extremly impatient!! What if in a few weeks I feel like its not working fast enough? 

I am here for any questions you have at any time, so if you are very worried and you email me in the middle of the night frantic, if im up I will answer, if not I will get back to you the next morning and we can see if a boost to the spell is needed. The first boost if its needed is free! I want you to be happy. 

What are interactive spells? 

An interactive spell is a spell that not only is cast by me but also comes with instructions to activate the spell, or even mantras that boosts the spell every time you say it. As a magick user I strongly encourage people to learn and help themselves. My work is all about helping people.

Who does Witch Penelope work with? Where does her well of magick she uses come from?

There are only two wells of magick you can pull from, The Ultimate which is God and Jesus, and the not too strong dark side. Witch Penelope works with only God and Jesus and all spirits and entities therein.

The Ulitmate Well contains dark magick but the use of it is only used within the will of God.

This is the difference between a Black Magick Practioner and Witch Penelope who uses both light and dark magick.

When ordering a Spirit Companion is it a real spirit? How long will they live with me?

A Spirit Companion is a real spirit that will live with you for life, its like bringing a new person into your family who will always be there with you. They will become your best friend and protector even hanging around you out in public to keep you safe. Some can even help with anxiety.

I bought spells from another shop, I think they stole my money and didnt even do the spells :( how do I know you did my spells?

I hate hearing about sites that do not deliver or may just be scams, Im sorry that happened. I always will email you within the 48hrs to let you know the spell is cast and any psychic impressions I recieved. Just rememeber that complicated spells especially love spells can take a couple months to see the full results. Spells bring someone around to thinking a different way, if a spell place says instant results you need to be leery. Also a spell is bringing you something by changing your life path, this takes a little bit longer. Stay positive and the change will happen!! 

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Real Customers

What can I say about this amazing witch Penelope?! Well I found her page looking for help and protection where everyone else seemed to try and take advantage of me and my situation. She has helped me with some much needed healing and has helped me develope my gifts.Not only do I feel amazing I feel invincible! She has helped me protect myself and ground myself. Shes not trying to sell you a unicorn (unless its a companion) or paint the sky pink for you but she will help you take care of that gray cloud over you. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me and my relationship. Give her a try you wont be disappointed!!

-Kris M

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my Soul. I came to you in my darkest hour and my most emotional state. You gave me the courage to stand tall and learn who I am again. For this, I am forever grateful.

You guided me each step of the way and spoke the words that needed to be said. You provided me with the knowledge to help myself. THANK YOU! I can never repay you for restoring my life to me.


Thank you so much for my Oracle reading. It was awesome and just what I wanted to hear. I will be doing business with you again soon!!

-Michelle H

I wanted self help and to make improvments in my life and spiritual world. Penelole was very wonderful, she was helpful and very informative to my needs and intentions being sble to contact her within an hours notice was very supportive and comforting. I am very happy to have stumbled on this website. Thank you Penelope for being Patient! I highly recomend your service! 




I didnt understand my psychic reading at first, but that was because it didnt happen yet! Once the situation came up i was like, OMG now i understand! I was able to navigate that issue much better because I knew exactly what it was all about. Thank you witch Penelope!


Review for @creepymagickshop 

Hello my name is Marissa  but you can call me Rissa and I am a baby witch and new to the community, and this is my review for creepymagickshop! First off let me start off by saying she saved not only my life but my families life as well. And I bet you are wondering how and I’ll tell you. 

My whole life I’ve suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts and my family has been suffering BAD as well, and it’s got so worse that my mom has been suicidal and suffered from heart problems and already has had small heart attacks and is getting worse, my dad has been falsely accused and we are still fighting court and he might go to jail for life, I have a special Ed sister with tics, tourettes and seizures and has been bullied extremely bad for it to the point where she had to be homeschooled and cried herself to sleep. 

Than I have a sister who already tried to commit suicide and failed. Almost everyday and every night I suffered from bad luck and was always tormented In my dreams by some entity. In my dreams ive been dragged and pinned to my bed and it would tell me things such as no one can save me and no one can hear me and made everything worse to the point I didn’t want to sleep, I was scared. 

When I was 10 I was even penetrated in my sleep. I could never meditate because for some reason I felt I was going to be attacked. Than last night next thing you know I had two nightmares In a row one of someone watching me and scaring the crap out of me to one making me feel worthless and dragging me around my room and pinning me the wall and my bed squeezing me really tight and just laughing at me non stop, than controlling my head and filling it with negative emotions. 

The scary thing was it made me astral to torment me. And I called to Thor for help and than that’s when I woke up. So I guess you can say it was abusing me not only in my sleep but pulled me into the astral to torment. I knew we were cursed and my family knew it too. Me being so lost of hope and suicidal and In desperate need of help I came across @creepymagickshop.

 I wrote her asking her for advice on how to check if my family and I are cursed. but instead she right away sends her awesome companion to check up on me. Than he goes back to tell her that my family is cursed and that there is a dark human spirit warped over time and was attached to my family 5 generations ago by a female witch. And he told her that it’s attached to our family and likes to cause us bad dreams, bad luck, depression, and just generally mayhem. 

And right away she told me before I freak out she’s going to be helping me and confirmed that I was being tormented by him and in the astral, she got furious for me and wanted to do anything she can to help me. Than she said her and her companions are going to do a circle today to break the curse than she warded me and my house and gave me a  powerful sigil and tips to help protect myself as well. 

She was such a huge sweetheart than she offers to get me a protective spirit companion to protect me as well. I was extremely shocked that she would go this far just for me, I felt saved and burst out into tears it was like as if the weight of the world was off me, I was just so reliefed that all my pain and my families pain would be gone and I was even more shocked she did not want anything in return. She comforted me, made me laugh a LOT and we have such a strong connection as well and she said Odin must of heard and sent me to her, it absolutely felt like as if she were my mom if it weren’t for her I’d probably have committed suicide. She saved me and she deserves the world. She even checked to see if there were local spirits that wanted to be my companion and a big female panther came through 😄 she is seriously doing all that she can to make sure that I am seriously well protected and safe. We are now really close. She is sooooo funny and amazing! I love her with all my heart and we have been talking nonstop. I didn’t even ask her for any of this and yet she did it all. 



I've never met someone like penelope before she's so caring i've been suffering for so many years with this evil in my body a demon was put in me i suffered for years i couldn't sleep for days on end i did every thing i could to get helped noone could help me they either rob me or run away i saw ceepy magic i tried it penelope took the demon out she said it had two heads real scary she cleaned my home also it was infested with spirits causing alot of problems in my life alot of fighting everything evil i will forever be indebted to penelope she gave me a new begenning in my life she's the best!!!!


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